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Vogtland Lowering Springs for Mini 03.2012+- 951047

Vogtland Lowering Springs for Mini 03.2012+- 951047

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Mini Mini 03.2012+
R59, UKL-C

Front Lowering Approx (mm): 25
Rear Lowering Approx (mm): 25

Please confirm rated axle loads match or are higher than your vehicle's. Your vehicle axle loads can usually be found on a sticker inside the driver's door shut or in the engine bay.

Axle-Load front: 905 KG
Axle-Load rear: 810 KG

Fitment Notes:
The measure of the lowering will be reduced by the measure of the original sport suspension.
All wheel/tire combinations are allowed which are released by the wheel type testing institution. The conditions in the wheel approval have to be kept, except when original suspension is required.

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